My Internet Babble

So what do you plan on blogging about you ask?   Well, I plan on babbling all kind of stuff. From software that I find that I think is useful and that you guys should try out to products that I think are worth taking a look at or that are really funny to just about anything else I find online. There will be no paid reviews or advertising on this blog so anything I put on here is 100% from the heart recommended.

I have about 30 rss site feeds coming into my feed reader at any given time and I am always finding stuff that I find either absolutely hilarious or completely bazaar and crazy. It really could go in any direction with me really.

I will never post nudity,  pornography or anything non-PG13 on this blog so don’t worry about any immature humor coming out for your children to view. I am going to try and keep it nice and friendly around here so I expect your comments to be the same.

I highly encourage you to subscribe to my rss feed and if you like a particular post, spread it around to your friends or facebook/twitter.

My Favorite Sites

Here’s a list of my favorite sites from around the web.

Google – I am a die hard google apps freak.
Youtube – I am addicted to Youtube, bad.
Lifehacker – This is my most favorite website.
Instructables – A great project website.
 – The writer here is funnnny.
GeekAlerts – I love keeping up with geeky nerd stuff.
ThinkGeek – #1 source for nerd toys!
Vat19 – My kids absolutely love this site and their videos.
Meetup – I love meeting up with local groups.
Imgur – I use Imgur for every image I share.
Facebook – I work and live on Facebook now days.
Twitter – I just use it to keep up with my friends.

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