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Published on November 5, 2010 by in gardening, Internet

If you know me, you know that I have been obsessing with gardening lately, specially organic vegetable gardens and fruit orchards. I am in the middle of writing a great e-book on creating super compost and compost tea which will make your fruit and vegetables grow like they are on steroids.

But today I came across this tool that should be in every gardeners toolkit. It is called the EasyBloom.

You simply place the device into the ground and let it sit and do its thing. Then you come and retrieve it and plug it via usb into your computer and download the data. It will tell you what is missing, what is going wrong and what is needed. It also gets specific to what plants you are actually growing. This device is exactly what you need if you don’t have a green thumb or the know how to start a garden.

This device is a MUST for gardeners and a must if you want to start growing or are already growing and are having trouble figuring out what you are doing wrong.

BONUS : One thing I found while surfing their site is you can create an account for free and surf their very large database of plants, fruit and vegetables and read tons of useful information on your plants. If you create an account, you can add your plants to your plant list and keep them for future reference. Information like when to plant that certain plant, how long it takes to bloom, what to look for, when to pick, types of sun and soil it prefers and on and on.

Price:  $49.95 from Amazon.com (Also being sold as the Black and Decker PCS10 for same price)

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