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I use for all of my domain name needs and I do so for good reasons.

  1. They have never locked me out of my account for “my security” and required me to call in and jump through hoops to get my account unlocked. has that annoying feature and it just so happened to have been enabled twice, as some of my domains were expiring. I have heard of doing this so they can get expiring premium domains so they can sell them as premium domains.
  2. They are not overpriced like most registrars, like
  3. They the use NameSafe VIP (VeriSign Identity Protection) system for added security. This requires you to enter in a randomly generated passcode that is only on the key fob or the VeriSign app for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and other phones with your username and password to gain entry. For a hacker to gain access to your account, he would need your username, password AND your key fob or phone for the passcode. The key fob changes its random passcode every 60 seconds for added security.
  4. They have an easy to use domain management system with extra tools for managing your dns. Much better than the other dns tools I have used at the other registrars.
  5. They list all their expired domains, expiring soon domains and premium domains for free, right from the main home page.
  6. The have domain creation tools to help you use keywords to come up with available domain names. This is a VERY useful tool that I have used many a time in the past.

One of the other reasons I use is because they are so cool to talk to and deal with. Their office is modern and they have a laid back environment for their employees, which make them happier when they are dealing with their customers.

My only negative mark against is that they used to offer free private whois service when you purchased a domain. They have stopped doing this and costs extra now. If you are reading, please bring this back! Please!

Bonus Points for : I contacted them a few months back about signing up as an affiliate to resell domain names through them. They reviewed my account no doubt and either seen how much money I had spent with them or maybe how loyal I am to them and to my very surprise, I received a package from them full of swag!

I love my swag, but my favorite piece has to be the Pint Glass!!! It is so thick and solid. No expense was spared on these pint glasses I am sure. I wear the t-shirt and hat as well and my daughter has her school ID hanging from her neck from the lanyard! That’s right! I am advertising to my daughters teachers and school friends as well!

I would like to thank Lesley and Robert for hooking me up with the swag bag and for being great employees to the family.

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A few weeks ago I told you about FireSheep, the Firefox plugin that allows you to hijack sessions on an open wifi network. Today I am going to show you how to protect yourself from FireSheep with a plugin called BlackSheep.

After you install and enable the plugin, anytime you are on a network with FireSheep enabled on it, the plugin will notify you with a message similar to the one above.

I an very suspicious anytime I am on an open network, this tool will help me keep my sessions from being hijacked. I suggest you use it as well.

BlackSheep Website

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EasyBloom – Gardening Made Easy

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If you know me, you know that I have been obsessing with gardening lately, specially organic vegetable gardens and fruit orchards. I am in the middle of writing a great e-book on creating super compost and compost tea which will make your fruit and vegetables grow like they are on steroids.

But today I came across this tool that should be in every gardeners toolkit. It is called the EasyBloom.

You simply place the device into the ground and let it sit and do its thing. Then you come and retrieve it and plug it via usb into your computer and download the data. It will tell you what is missing, what is going wrong and what is needed. It also gets specific to what plants you are actually growing. This device is exactly what you need if you don’t have a green thumb or the know how to start a garden.

This device is a MUST for gardeners and a must if you want to start growing or are already growing and are having trouble figuring out what you are doing wrong.

BONUS : One thing I found while surfing their site is you can create an account for free and surf their very large database of plants, fruit and vegetables and read tons of useful information on your plants. If you create an account, you can add your plants to your plant list and keep them for future reference. Information like when to plant that certain plant, how long it takes to bloom, what to look for, when to pick, types of sun and soil it prefers and on and on.

Price:  $49.95 from (Also being sold as the Black and Decker PCS10 for same price)

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Gmail released a few new themes to their pallet today. The one that really caught my eye was the Android theme.

I really like this theme as I am a diehard android fan. There are tons of themes you can choose from if you don’t like this one.

You can get to them by first logging into and then going to the top and clicking settings. From there you click themes and select your desired theme to load it.

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Woman to pay $1.5 Million for Pirated Music

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This is the craziest thing I have seen! $1.5 million dollars for downloading 24 songs.

Jammie Thomas has been fighting the RIAA in court since 2006 over 24 songs she illegally downloaded via Kazaa. A third verdict in the case handed down today awards record companies $1.5 million in damages, or $62,500 per song. –

Why do we let the music industry get away with this crap? I dont personally pirate music, but I do use torrents to get the latest Diggnation episodes and here is a great tutorial to help you encrypt and secure your privacy while downloading torrents.

How To Geek : Beginners Guide to Bittorent – Protecting Your Privacy

I hope this helps you lock down your privacy so you don’t wind up paying $1.5 million for 24 songs. Because I know you have more than 24 songs, right? :)

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